"My whole body sings with the knowledge that nothing is expected of me except what I expect of myself."

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"why is it always the woman who has to see past the beast in the man? why does she always have to clean his wounds, even after he has damaged her beyond repair? why is it always the man who is worthy of forgiveness for being a monster?
I want to see the beast in the beauty.
the half smile, half snarl. the unapologetic anger. I would like to see the man forgive the monster. to see her, blood and all, and love her anyway."

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Las mujeres inteligentes, abren la mente. Las fáciles, abren las piernas. Las dulces, el corazón. Luego estoy yo, abriendo la nevera…



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I know he wasn’t perfect…

But he did the best impression of it I’ve ever seen.


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